‘Our Ref: BN/LK/03/540
05 August 2005
De Scott
Dear Dr Scott
Please refer to previous correspondence. I had the pleasure of reviewing Li with his sister and mother on 4.8.05. Clinic transport was provided. Unfortunately half brother Michael was awaywith his father’so he missed a chance of a review. He will be reviewed next term with his half siblings.

Li continues to benefit from stimulant medication as evidenced by-his ability to sit and focus on reading and writing at home with mother’s partner at home and Kera helping. He has apparently received a favourable school report.

He continues to have initial insomnia and to receive Melatonin 2 mg tablets twice at night. He also experiences pre sleep and occasional daytime dissociative phenomena consisting of
visions of “dogs” and “ghosts” on the ceiling and sometimes in class. These phenomena. have apparently become fewer in frequency, but he still talks to them and apparently hears them talking back. He is apparently at his worst in terms of symptoms of ADHD and swears a lot before his first dose of medication in the morning. In the clinic in mid afternoon he was not
ADHD at all. We have agreed to try him on once-a-day slow release stimulant medication (Equasym XL,.20mg) on a trial basis for a month.
Iam asking my secretary to: ring mother in three weeks to ask her if it is working. Li will be reviewed in the latter half of next term.
Yours sincerely
(Dictated but not signed to save delay)
Dr BL Nairac
PS. I recently wrote in support.of improved housing — 5 bedrooms + garden. Mother is still
waiting. Kera, for one, requires privacy which she doesn’t presently enjoy. Matters have
been resolved between mother and Mr Harris, and David comes home at weekends and
Kera and Li go and see their father at weekends.
Ce Ms J Hagan, mother ‘
Ms L Denny, Spectalist Social Worker,Canterbury