Form 8 LE6 Date 6/7/10 Name of pupil: Li Harris

INCIDENT: Reported by Jenny Downs During sports day I observed Li with a large branch from a tree which had a pointed end, he used this to threaten a couple of boys. I called to Li to stop and asked him to give me the branch he said ‘no’ and marched off, as he was walking away he again threatened other boys with the branch holding it above his head and taking the stance to strike and stepping forward, as though he was going to hit them. I again went over to him asking him to give me the branch, again he refused and continued walking away, I did follow him and again asked him to give the branch to me, at this point he was a fair distance in front of me and just continued walking. On returning to the school building at the end of sports day 1 observed a group of girls being threatened by Li with the branch. 1 ran over and told him to stop but he continued to threaten them, I continued asking him to stop and eventually he turned and marched off still holding the branch.

Follow Up Action:
MA Informed verbally – advised sending a copy off with speech and language referral – done

Mr. Sancto informed verbally who will speak to Li

R Sancto spoken to li about consequences & Dangers of this type of behaviour