Name of pupil: Li Harris Form
Li has stolen a school laptop and attempted to disguise it by using a black permanent marker to go over the school logo and asset number. He has installed an illegal copy of Windows 7. His carer found the laptop and returned it to the school. This laptop had been marked as missing on the schools asset register. We suspect Li has been stealing charged batteries as he does not have a
charger lead for it. The value of this asset is £729.
Reported by Jaimie Ives

To: From: Jenny Downs Sent: 08 December 2010 09:15 To: Jaimie Ives Subject: RE: Li Harris incident sheet Importance: High

Hi, Thanks for the report. Can you tell me which dept he took it from please? Are we going to bill home for the laptop? Jenny


Jenny Downs From: Jaimie Ives Sent: 08 December 2010 09:20 Jenny Downs Subject: RE: Li Harris incident sheet

It was a Humanities laptop. He hasn’t actually damaged the laptop in any way apart from the permanent marker which we should be able to remove. We could bill for £100 for labour as it’s taken over 2 days to fix all his little tricks over the last few weeks?