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Name of pupil: Li Harris Form: LE5 Date: 24/11/10
Reported by: D Sear
When asked to get laptops Li came back with one then told me that he wasn’t allowed to use computer so he assumed a laptop was ok. When I asked him who had said that he couldn’t use one he told me ‘Mr Smith, the computer technician!’ I didn’t know that he had been banned. I
emailed Jaimie Ives who said that it was R Sancto who had banned Li’s computer use. Li kept trying to show the other boys in the class how to use a password to get onto another computer system. I moved the other boys away from him and made Li return his laptop to the trolley. However he only wrote one word all lesson, he spent most of it talking about how he had a row with Mr J Smith, hacking into NASAs computers and setting light to the server room in school.