Li Always comes to school happily and remains cheerful throughout the day. he has made progress in remembering names and is now more confident speaking in class discussions. Li is kind and helpful li dose find it very hard to concentrate for longer then a few minuets and still needs to develop awareness of when its his turn to talk.

Li Enjoys listening to stones? and Looking at books. he can read a simple text and has a developing sight vocabulary. li is currently learning to write his rename. in role play situations li is an imaginative and recreates real life experiences such as driving a fir engine or being the shopkeeper. he has been observed writing lists and filling in a diary to extend his play.

Li Can use numbers to 20 confidently and tries very hard to write them. he can add and subtract small amounts and explain an addition sum. however, he sometimes overcounts a set of objects because he has not recorded mentally the starting point. he needs lots of opportunities such as writing smarties or beads to consolidate the skill. li knows the names of 2d and 3d shapes and can use money to buy and give change


Grade Score Average School Score
Reading A 6 04.7
Reading B 4 04.2
Reading C 7 04.0
Writing 6 04.9
Speaking and Listening 6 04.8
Mathematics A 4 04.4
Mathematics B 5 04.5
Personal And Social Development 6 05.8
Overall Total 44 37.4

AGE Standards

English – 118
Math’s – 95
Totals – 112