Clinical Note
Author Unknown (Migrated)
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Summary Social Worker
Note Date
Date 27/04/2012
Time 16:31
Entered: 27/04/2012 16:39
Clinical Note:

16.00: T/C to Karly Ratcliffe, SW for Li ) *Redacted By “NHS Sussex Partnership” – she said that
MHA Assessment should take place today as Dr Nairac (CAMHS) stopped all of Li’s medication yesterday and feels that the foster carers won’t be able to cope over the weekend. 16.10: T/C to Children’s Services – spoke to Administration, Michelle Lane – she will sent over chronology, assessments and any other useful documentation for us. Li is on full care order granted 14.07.08) 16.20: T/C to Karly to gather more information; she said she has now spoken to foster carers and Dr Nairac had emergency meeting with then approximately half an hour ago; has now prescribed medication so Karly is happy for MHA assessment to take place on Monday.