Carol stated that Li last saw Dr Nairac a year ago and he just prescribed medication. Social Worker advised that she has not received an update from Dr Nairac as yet. Re: Assessment.

Head of Year gave an update on Li. He is on a target sheet each week. Li is not always getting the report cards/ sheet signed. Li has tried at every opportunity to hack into the school computer system. Li has an obsession with Bin Laden. in a recent lesson around careers, Li discussed bun laden hack into the pentagon when Bin Laden.

Oaktree stated that considering his childhood Li fascination around a connection of being terrorised to terrorism. Head Of Year advised that work around consequences of potential behaviour has been discussed.

Carol stated that Li Harris has not has consequences to his actions so does not have to see the consequences to his actions. She referred to when he stole a school laptop and he was meant to be seen by a Police Officer.

Head of Year will follow this up in school

Social Worker that Li told her he has not been seen by a police officer as originally planned by the school for stealing a laptop.

Head of year  stated Li’s participation in lesson is not always consistence, Themes are – disruption, eating, non engagement, response,. Head Of Year read through his school reports which reflected this alongside the Bin Laden obsession he appears to have. Social Worker explained the concerns and possibly the seriousness of this, Children and families have and at what point do we raise concerns.

CAMS discussed the possibility of a forensic assessment. Dr Nairac was of the view that Li do not reach that threshold.

Oaktree stated that Li appeared to be a young person potentially developing mental health issues and CAMHS need to see him and do risk assessment.
CAMS will discuss with Dr Nairac about Li reinstating appointments.
Oaktree feels that Li and his carer need to have discussions about the blood loss. Oaktree explained the person closest to Li to discuss this openly and Oaktree becoming involved so the process is open.

Carol and Social Worker explained that she has been there before but Li says either i don’t know or just agrees but conversations have been indirect.

Carol updated the network meeting that Li is wetting and the spell of smelling. in discussion Carol feels that the discussion Social Worker had with him regarding contact with his mother and the police checks.

Oaktree raised concerns around Li living on extremely neglectful and abusive family and the impact this has. He feels Li may wish to have contact in the home may be about keeping his sister safe.

Social Worker explained the discussion had with Li and explained she had informed him
of the process of police checks.

Oaktree raised the confusion around Li coming from an unsafe place and through contact being given the “ok” to be back in an unsafe place and his worries about his sisters. Feels that Li does not see this is ok and view it as shameful.

Carol states she has indicators for Li being ready are that she has asked him and feel counselling play therapy.

Oaktree can see him as a young person who is doing something harmful to himself through Redacted by author “The Thing”.
Li needs to be primed; there is a prelude to their direct involvement. So the work is done openly.


CAMS asked if there were any tools that can be used to help and facilitate that. Oaktree suggested being open with him and supporting Carol around this.
Social Worker raised the point that there are two strands to Redacted by Author “The thing” + Assumption that was not true  that can be and will be supported by Oaktree and CAMHS and is more a placement issue and the behaviour issue around dislike for other and anger is a school issue more so than placement.

Head of Year expressed Li mainly does the act but not the expression. He is not really overt and seems more contained in his emotion.
Oaktree explained that Li’s background could mean he is always in a heightened state of excitement so soothing is not learnt. Suggested getting Li to write thing about the story that got him there. Carol recalled Li getting on the bus. Li respect for John because he predicted his behaviour.
Oaktree said soothing is a key. Suggested needs. School allowing him to tell his story. Re: Bin Laden. as this may be more about his terrorism.


Social Worker to discuss contact with Oaktree
– Oaktree to invite Carol and John to Oaktree
– Oaktree suggested doing a soothing act with Li to get him in tune with those feelings to help him feel nurtured.
– CAMS to discuss with Dr Nairac re appointments.
– School to continue with report and allow him to write the story.


Carol Thompson – Foster Carer
**- Head of Year
** – Social Worker
** – Oaktree
** – CAMHS