this morning Li got up at 08:S0am and had a shower. At 09:20am Li came into the office and staff supported him to fill
out his GP registration form. Staff then offered him support to do a menu plan and shopping list, Li declined the support
telling staff that he is capable of budgeting and shopping and likes to do it independently. (See key working report LH04
45mins.) At 10:10 Li was given his subs and he left to go food shopping. At 12:20pm Li returned home and gave staff the
correct change, before putting his shopping away. At 13:40pm Li left to go to his brother’s house. At 19:00pm Li returned
and went to his room, staff offered him support to cook dinner, he said he wasn’t hungry and can cook himself. At 20:05
Li came downstairs and told staff he was going back out and would be home later tonight. Li was not home when staff
went to bed.