This morning Li had a lay in, he got up at around 11 :00am and had a shower before coming downstairs at 11 :30am once dressed. He sat in the lounge reading a newspaper for a while before going up to his room to relax. At 13:30pm Li came back downstairs and staff had a chat with him and asked him if he needed any support with anything and if he had some food. Li said that he was okay and did not need any support at the moment, he went back up to his room for a while. At 15:00pm Li told staff that he was going out to see his friend. Li returned an hour later and made himself something to eat. Once he had eaten Li told staff that he was going back out and would be home later he left at 16:46pm. At 20:27pm Li returned home and watched TV in the lounge and chatted to SG. At 22: 15pm Li went up to bed.