Li was called at 10:05 and responded. LH up and in the shower at 10:20. LH out of shower to his room getting ready to go out to Northdown surgery to pick a new patient form with staff. Staff phoned Northdown surgery to get LH registered but there was no one answer. LH and staff went to Northdown surgery at 11 :05 to pick up a new patient form. On the
way back from the surgery LH goes to his mum’s about 11 :55. Staff phoned LI at 21 :45 to ask what time he will back home Li said he is at his dad’s he told staff he will he back about 23:00, Li asked staff not to stay up to wait for him as he has his own key to get in the house. Li returned home at 23:50 he told staff his dad walked him half way home, Li went to
his room.