Li was up and in the shower at 0945. He then comes downstairs and chats to staff. He said he had a nice time at
his sisters but her flat was dirty and smelly, its smelt of cat wee as her cat goes everywhere but in the litter tray, I again
reiterated to Li that if he was worried about his sister then he needs to share his concerns with his social worker. I asked
Li about ringing the college but he said again that his social worker is chasing it up. I also asked Li to go to the dentist in
Ramsgate today to fill in the registration forms and also take his ID to the doctors; Li said he would try to do that today but
he has a busy day as he is meeting a couple of people to talk about his business. I reminded Li that part of living here
means that he needs to achieve certain tasks each day and engage a bit more; Li listened and agreed then left the house
saying he would return later. Staff phoned Li to check if he is ok and what time he will be coming Li said he is ok but he
will not be coming home tonight he said he will be staying at his friend’s and he will be back tomorrow morning.