Li had returned in the night last night. He came downstairs dressed and ready for his day at 1125. Staff introduced
themselves as we had not met before’ Li was very polite and stood chatting to staff for a short time. He said he was going
out shortly and would not be back until later (KW ref: LH06 changing address and college, 20 minutes) Li then left the
house saying goodbye to staff. Li returned at 1730 in a good mood, he chatted to staff whilst cooking pizza and chips. We
spoke about where had lived before and his business that he has; Li is in talks with the manager of Margate market to try
and get a stall but he has been advised that he needs public liability insurance, I asked Li if he needed support to look
into this and he said he had it all in hand! Li then spoke a little about his family and especially his sister who he is visiting
this evening; Li openly admitted that he worries about her a lot as she has quite low functioning learning disability with
tunnel vision eye sight and she has been placed In a tower block to live alone, he said that she has all sorts of visitors

coming and going and some stay overnight and he is concerned that she is being taken advantage of and that something
might happen to her; Li believes that she should not be living by herself but apparently its ok and she has a support
worker visit her only a couple of times a week. I advised Li that I can understand why he is worried and suggested that he
talk to his social worker about this as his sister would be under the adult team and his concerns can be shared. As her
brother he has a right to be concerned. Li said he may well do that. Li ate his dinner and washed up after before leaving
the house to go to his sisters. Li returned to the house at 2200, he said he had had a nice time but was very tired so was
going to bed.