Li Jean-Luc Harris moved into a temporary foster care placement with Sally and Peter, who was a family friend. Although he later discovered they was not really friends and that a family member had ran away with sally’s  previous husband.

Li, felt like they did not suit this placement for him, not only was his Mental health declining massively but he feels he was excluded from the family. for example they had too living rooms one for Sallys family and one for the foster children. due to various health issues around “The Thing” i was constantly in and out of medical appointments. But i refused a lot of treatments and examinations.

Li Jean-Luc harris tried to come out as gay while in the care of Sally but they declined to accept this and told Li he was too young to know such a thing. despite this i was certain.  Li Jena-Luc Harris was studying his last years at primary school, and started his first year at secondary school while with sally and the placement only lasted 10 months.

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