Observation of mood commencing the session:

Li appeared happy and relaxed

Targeted outcomes for session to include activities for following week:

To discuss points raised

Sessional content:

Li raised the point of his moving to the other unit as he felt it would benefit him more. Li has stated on a number of occasions that he is unhappy at Verona House and would like to move on, maybe to another foster family or to the other unit. I asked Li what was it that he did not like, and he said there was no specific thing just that he felt it was time to move on as he was now 16 years old. I explained to Li that his behaviour was not very good at this time and had seen a marked change in him, and did he have a reason for this, Li explained when he was unhappy he would play up and then maybe they would move him out. I explained this was not the way to go about this . Li explained he did not care and just wanted to go.

Observed mood, behaviour, levels of positive engagement and conclusion of session

Li remained relaxed and chatt