observation of mood commencing The session:

I asked to have a chat with Li about his future and how he feels about the prospect of moving on from Verona House. He was not too keen to engage but participated in the conversation nevertheless.

Targeted outcomes for session to include activities for following week:

To discuss what Li should be aiming to achieve with regards to preparing himself appropriately for moving on to semi independence.

Sessional content:

I asked Li what he thought he should be looking to achieve over the coming weeks, to evidence that he is well prepared to move on to semi independence. Li stated that he thought that everything was ok and that he did not need to do anything, he just wanted to get out of here. I spoke very seriously with Li in response to his Initial reply to me, and informed him that if he thought everything was ok then he was both rather naive and misguided in his thoughts about expectations of him. I stated that he needed to focus very seriously on demonstrating that his is capable of keeping his room tidy and clean, which includes tending to his laundry on a regular basis, especially if he has any further episodes of bed wetting for example. In addition, he needed to ensure that he is keeping his person hygiene to the expected standard for someone of his age, and that it would be advisable for him to shower or bathe every day. I added that he needed to begin ticking all of these boxes to prove that he is making improved progress, and can therefore give nobody any reason to think anything other than he Is ready to make the transition to semi Independence.
Li continued to bow his head and not make eye contact with me, and he appeared to not enjoy being told how things really were by comparison to how he thought things were. I stated that everyone at Verona House wanted to make sure that he gave himself every opportunity to step things up, and as much as we will all continue to keep encouraging him, he himself needed to address these matters and fully embrace demonstrating that he can be responsible for himself. Li replied that he would do his best but went on to add “Only if it shuts you up!” He still did not appear to fully acknowledge the importance of what he should be aiming  to achieve.