Observation of mood commencing the session:

Li was prepared to engage openly and appeared both calm and relaxed.

Targeted outcomes for session to include activities for following week:

  1. How Li Is feeling currently.
  2. Li’s thoughts regarding using the gym again.
  3. Incontinence.

Sessional content:

  1.  I spoke with Li about how he is feeling at the moment, as he appears to be a little up and down in his mood and physical presentation. LI shared with me that he is feeling ‘ok’ at the moment, certainly better than he was feeling a week or so ago. He went on to add that he does still want to leave Verona House but is more acceptant that, for now at least, he will be staying with us for some time longer. In addition, Li stated that Dr Nalrac believes that Li may be Bipolar and that this is apparently evident in the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ that Li experiences. Li told me that he did not disagree with what Dr Nairac had suggested, and he can see that he does display traits that could substantiate this suggestion. Ail said and done, Li feels quite well at the moment.
  2. I asked Li If he would be interested In using the local gym again, as this may enhance his self esteem further and sharpen the blade of his mind so to speak. Li replied that he has been asking to have a monthly gym membership again, but nothing has been done so far. I told Li that he would need to do his very best to be fully committed to attending on a regular basis, if he were to be provided with a new monthly membership. Li stated that he is keen to re-attend and would use the gym three or four times a week. I finished by saying that I would share this information with the
    Staff and Management team by making a note in the message book. Li appeared upbeat about the thought of using the gym again.
  3. I asked Li if his incontinence issue had improved and added that I asked this because his bedroom smelt fresher over the past two or so weeks. LI shared with me that he had not passed urine (by way of incontinence) during the night for some time. He added that he has worked out that if he does not drink any fluids past 20:00hrs he does not feel the urge to pass urine during the night, and also feels more in control of his bladder if he wakes up needing to use the toilet. I told Li that he must feel good about knowing he can control this a little better than previously, to which LI agreed adding that he is happier in his sleep.