Observation of mood commencing the session:

Li was prepared to discuss matters in an open and mature fashion.

Targeted outcomes for session to include activities for following week:

1. To discuss the points raised from Li’s consultation paper.

Sessional content:

1. Li stated that he felt the home was ‘unhomely’ due to the rules that had to be followed. He also added that he thought the home was dull. When I responded to Li he did state that he appreciated that rules, boundaries and expectations needed to be In place irrespective of whether he lived at home or at Verona House, and that it was more a ease of simply ‘rules getting on his nerves’. We discussed how we could make things (less dull at Verona House and an idea that was suggested was for young people to be allowed to personalise their bedrooms with a choice of decor and paint
colour for example. Li was happy to hear that I would bring this to the attention of the Manager. Li stated that he feels able to speak with staff and that he also feels supported, however, he does feel that some staff could listen more effectively at times as he does not always feel that his points of view are being listened to fully enough. I assured Li that I would notify staff of this point. Li expressed no concerns with the food provided at Verona House. He stated that he felt the company was ran ‘rubbishiy’. When I asked Li to elaborate he could not offer anything to directly explain how he had described the running of the home. Li had also written that he did not like staying here anymore. When we spoke about this he explained that this was more to do with being unhappy with the fact that his Social Worker had Informed him that he would be staying for a longer period than previously anticipated, and that this comment was born out of frustration over that fact. We discussed Li’s concern about there being a lack of things to do around the house. We agreed to look into seeing if theme nights could be arranged and karaoke nights for example. I also highlighted that Li should be taking more responsibility to find things to occupy his time constructively, and that until he chooses to complete an activity planner on a regular basis it is very likely that he will
find himself becoming bored