observation of mood commencing the Session:

Li was prepared to engage openly and appeared both calm and relaxed.

Targeted outcomes for session to include activities for following week:

  1. To discuss Li’s concerns regarding being bullied and called names.

Sessional content:

1. I spoke with Li about the complaint that he had made regarding two other young people that he had been to the caravan with over the half term period. He had informed staff that they had been calling him names and making homophobic type comments towards Li. I praised Li for being confident enough to share this information and that his concerns would certainly be taken very seriously. LI stated that whilst being away he had been subjected to being called a ‘gay prick’ a poof and a faggot. Li added that this was done away from staffs direct ear shot Initially, but as the week went by the name calling became more frequent and did at times take place in front of staff. Li went on to say that staff did intervene and address the situation when they were aware of It, and took a zero tolerance stance towards such bullying. Li said that the name calling occurred in the caravan as well as whilst out on the camp site also. He said that after a few days of attempting to ignore it, before staff became aware of the situation. It angered him that much that he nearly became physically violent to the person’s in question and that It had taken much self restraint to not actually lash out. Li was commended for displaying such self control. Li had been provided with a complaint form which he completed, and Verona House Manager ‘KT’ has given LI a letter Informing him that the matter is going to be fully investigated. Li is pleased that this chain of events has occurred following his complaint.

Observed mood, behaviour, levels of positive engagement and inclusion of session:

Li appeared well and rather glad that the Issue had been discussed and taken seriously as it should have been. KT to Inform LI of the outcome of the Investigation once all parties involved have been spoken to.