ttended clinic with Dr. Sarmah. Li Health Health record attended with his foster carer following a referral for a history of current UTls
and male odorous Redacted by author -“The Thingetc. Li has had a long standing history of Redacted by author -“The Thinginfection and a smelly Redacted by author -“The Thing, receiving previously several courses of antibiotics particular Metronidazole to help keep his skin infection at bay. The foster carer reported that she has found blood in his clothing and at times in his bed, arranging from a small to a large quantity. Li would not say where the blood had come from and would not allow an examination. Dr Sarmah wrote that Li is not very communicative and he is at times very stubborn. He is under the care of Dr Nairac and has regular consultations. Dr Nairac has been unsuccessful in several attempts to try to persuade Li to cooperation with medical examination. During clinic Li was not communicating at all unless he was persuaded by several questions. He would not allow an examination of his Redacted by author -“The Thing. Or Abdominal examination was normal. Blood pressure was normal. Height and weight appeared to be satisfactory. Due to failure to examine Dr Sarmah has decided to perform some blood tests looking for evidence of anaemia or inflammation, also an ultra sound of abdomen has been arranged.