Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li was in bed at the start of the shift and appeared asleep. At the check at 23:30 he was noted to
have wet his bed. Staff woke him and encouraged him to change his pyjamas and his bedding
was changed. Li could not understand why he had been woken up to change his clothing but he
did agree to do so. – —————————- Confirmed By HNicholson@ 24/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Late Shift
Li has been nursed on intermittent observations, he has remained safe. He has voiced his
frustration about not being able to go home and told staff and young people he will ‘ get home
himself, that he is in prison and wants to go home ‘. Li has spent the afternoon presenting
boisterous behaviour, knocking over a couple of stools in the games room, responded to staff
intervention in a positive way.
Li said we are punishing him not allowing him to have 2 meals at supper, that he is hungry and
wants more food, he has eaten everything presented before him this evening.
Li has played on the patio throwing the basket ball around and appeared angry that he can’t have
Li made a call to his social worker after supper, he told staff he is making a formal complaint, he
said he would not tell staff what it is about. Janet Graham confirmed that Li does not have to tell
staff, that if he wants support with anything she will be available to chat to until 21.00 this evening. – —————————- Confirmed By JGraham1@ 23/05/2012
Social Work Title: During a group discussion on ‘nature v nurture’ and mental ill health genetics, *Redacted by author – Conversation about family” and that now he has been in here he thinks that he has a hereditary trait. He voiced his opinions very well and this discussion was led by the YP. – ————————— 23 May 2012 19:31, Rebecca Clack

Event By: Rebecca Clack
Inpatient –
Title:Routine bloods – Admission bloods waere not labeled so were not done – Bloods done today: FBC, U+E, LFT, TFT, ESR, CRP, Cholesterol – Handed over to staff that we need to do a MSU for culture and sensitivity – —————————- Confirmed By MRajendraprasad, 23/05/2012
Title: Newsletter Group
OT Intervention: creative expression

Li agreed to attend session and remained settled throughout. He appeared to be in a good mood
this morning and engaged well in tasks with staff and peers. He stayed for duration of session. – ————————— 23 May 2012 11:19, Joanna Loomes

Event By: Joanna Loomes
Inpatient –
Title:Early shift
Li has been observed to be bright in mood during the morning. He has attended group and
education, and engaged well throughout the morning. He ate well at lunch time and has spent the
time after lunch socialising with peers. – —————————- Confirmed By CMcKenzie@