Inpatient –
Title:Late shift
Li has been observed to be euthymic in mood throughout the afternoon and evening. He had his
CPA meeting in the afternoon and handled it well. Following this he declined a 1:1, but said that
he was happy with the outcome and had agreed to stay at Woodland House as an informal
patient (his Section 2 was recinded before the CPA meeting). He ate well at dinner time and
throughout the evening has sat in the lounge watching TV. He has appeared relaxed and settled. – —————————- Confirmed By CMcKenzie@, 21/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:late shift
Outcome of CPA meeting today at 15:00:- Li is to stay as an informal inpatient. He is to continue
psychological work with Dr. Oliver and S/W Haymond. Support is to be given to his foster carers.
Next CPA meeting is to be held on June 27th at 11am and Dr. Garrett will meet with foster carers
at 10:30am. – —————————- Confirmed By CRogers3@, 21/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Pre-CPA meeting
Carol and John Thompson, foster carers, Irene Wood (Independent Reviewing Officer) seen-
joined later by Dr Nairac. Social worker in court today, so CNA. Mum has a small amount of PR, so
they will let her know the outcome of the CPA. Carers and Dr Nairac all looked very concerned
when I told them that the section 2 had been rescinded today- they ( Carol in particular) are
concerned that Li will change his mind soon and want to leave. John expressed his worry is that
Li will refuse to return, after he goes home on leave. Left to his own devices, he’d be on his
computer the whole time. They cannot take him home on leave yet, (many commitments on
Saturdays with the two other foster children, aged 9 and 11), but are happy to visit on Sunday
afternoon and to take him out locally. They were pleased that he has agreed to a physical
examination, but have been this far before. they sounded relieved when I explained about the
agreement for him to have some sedation, when he goes for the examination. – —————————- Confirmed By HGarrett@, 24/05/2012
General –
Title:Early Shift
Li has been a little confrontational this morning, anxious about his CPA this afternoon and
preparing to argue his point on his section and leave allowances. He has just found out that his
sectioned has been rescinded and is very happy, telling the other young people and staff about
htis good news.
His bed clothes were changed this morning and he has put some washing on. – —————————- Confirmed By RClack@, 21/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Section 2 rescinded
Li seen this morning-
Poor eye contact. Informed me that he has been feeling ‘fine’ since he was taken off one to one.
Agreed, however, that he felt low in mood for a couple of hours after he saw Oliver on Friday. He
denied any suicidal or self-harm thoughts- told me that the (superfical, longitudinal) scratches on
his left wrist, were from him scratching with his finger nails, as he felt itchy. Mood currently 7/10,
but at times 4/10. He told me spontaneously that he is willing to stay here, even if he is not on a
section, as he does not feel as low as he did when he was on the one to one observations. He
wants to use his phone, but can’t, as he does not have section 17 leave. He also misses his
computer, but denied any other current worries (then agreed that he does worry about the past-
did not expand on this). Li reported that he feels tired here a lot of the time. He was fully
orientated in time, place and person. He said he is in hospital for his self-harm.

Following discussion with other staff, I rescinded the section 2. Li was clearly delighted when I
informed him. – —————————- Confirmed By HGarrett@, 21/05/2012
Title: Mindfully Monday Group

Li agreed to attend session. Li was pre-occupied during session and did not engage in group
tasks, saying he was ‘busy’ , OT observed him writing things down, unrelated to the session. Li
was oppositional when OT asked him to join group tasks and then he said he would leave the
room. Li stayed in session for 5 minutes. – ————————— 21 May 2012 12:49, Joanna Loomes

Event By: Joanna Loomes
Inpatient –
Li went to bed at 2100, he reported feeling tired even though he hadn’t done anything all day. He
has slept throughout the night. He has been incontinent of urine throughout the night. He got up
at 0700 and had a shower. He appears bright in mood this morning. – —————————- Confirmed By DSantos-Sousa@, 21/05/2012