Inpatient –
Title:Night shift
Li was observed to be euthymic in mood during the evening. He went to bed at the start of the
shift and was observed to be asleep at 22:30 and to sleep throughout the night.
—————————–Confirmed By CMcKenzie@, 14/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Twilight Shift
Li’s mood appeared to euthymic during the day, and bright in the evening. His time was spent
watching a film, playing on the xbox and having a visit with his foster carers. He reported that he
was feeling ‘not too bad’, and that his visit went well. He ate adequately, and interacted well with
staff and some of his peers.
—————————–Confirmed By HLee1@, 13/05/2012
Title: I met with Li’s foster parents whilst on eye sight obserations with Li. With Li’s consent I
answered questions they had about the mental health act, CPA meeting, and Li’s care. It was
apparent Li and foster parents have a strong relationship and he was really pleased to see them.
They were only able to stay around 1 hour as one of their other foster children was poorly. They
plan to visit for the CPA meeting a week tomorrow, and would like to spend time with Li after. His
foster siblings want to spend time with him and they hope he will get section 17 leave soon so that
they can visit as they cannot come onto the ward due to their age. Mum said she hoped that we
might be able to find ways to help Li that we can pass on to her so that she can know how to help
keep Li safe at home. They said they would phone daily.
—————————-13 May 2012 20:08, Charlotte Roberts
Event By: Charlotte Roberts
Inpatient –
Title:Early Shift
Li has been nursed safely on 1:1 observations. He woke up around 8am and had a shower,
without prompting. He came down and has spent time on the ward around peers. He has played
on the xbox and has watched a film with peers. He has interacted with his peers whilst sat in the
games room, but only intermittently.
—————————–Confirmed By LNorman@, 13/05/2012