Inpatient –
Title:Night duty
Li was euthymic in mood at the start of the shift, he responded to greeting appropriately. Went to
bed promptly at 22:30 and slept throughout, remains on 1:1 eye sight observation, slept
throughout the shift, nil eventful shift.
—————————–Confirmed By NReid@,
Inpatient –
Li took the offer of 1:1, because he felt stressed and wanting to get ‘things of his chest’. In
particular he was stressed out because he was put under section; and he had to talk about
difficult topics during his first therapy session. Staff acknowledged the difficulties that he was
facing, and discussed the positives of what was stressing him out. Li was able to acknowledge
that being here longer, meant that he will receive more therapy and support from the nursing
team, which could help him to get better. He was also able to acknowledge that he has to talk
about sensitive issues, in order to move forward from them. He was praised for being able to see
these positives and for being able to keep a sense of humour. He was encouraged to keep this
attitude up.
—————————–Confirmed By HLee1@, 10/05/2012
Title: Quiz Group
Li attended quiz group and participated fully. Li chose to work by himself rather than with peers in
a team. Li engaged well with others and presented as bright in mood throughout.
—————————-10 May 2012 19:51, Chloe Still
Event By: Chloe Still
Inpatient –
Title:Long day entry
Li has been nursed on 1:1 observations. He has eaten well today and was chatting with staff this
morning saying that he wanted his meeting to hurry up where he will find out if he can discharge
himself, with the MHA people. Li attended group this morning where he completed a family tree
and showed what his relationships with different family members was like, and engaged well in
He has been talking to his peers on and off and has interacted well with the staff on his 1:1. He
had a meeting for a MHA assesment and he was sunsequently put onto section 2. Li said that he
is angry about this and said immediately he wanted to appeal to this and wrote an appeal letter.
He has been chatting to his 1:1 person this afternoon but has had minimal interaction with peers
since he was put under section.
—————————–Confirmed By LNorman@ 10/05/2012
Title: Met with Li to think about the things he said he wanted to talk about, bad memories, anger
and self harm.
We started by thinking about how he felt following being put on section. Li felt frustrated and said
he was going to appeal. I acknowledge his frustration but put to him that he might be feeling
Conflicted about everything. I drew a diagram of him and put half it under frustration and talked
about what he was finding frustrating. I then suggested that the other half of him was wanting to
talk about the things above, and he might benefit from having people around him to support him
through these difficult feelings, which he agreed.
We started with a genogram so I could get to know him better. Li identifed that of the problems
are routed in his dad and that his dad would take up a lot of sessions. Li explained how he gets
angry and he deals with this through self harm. He said there were a number of ways he did this,
but one he wasn’t ready to talk about yet. He did manage to talk around it, saying it made him feel
ashamed and he was fearful of rejection if people found out.
Our next session is 3pm on 15 th May Tue.
—————————-10 May 2012 19:02, Oliver Sindall
Event By: Oliver Sindall
Inpatient –
Title:Tier 3 informed about section 2.
Having yesterday informed tier 3 about the MHA assessment today, I updated Dr Niarac that Li
has been put on a section 2.
—————————–Confirmed By HGarrett@
Inpatient –
Title:late shift
I have read Li’s rights under the MHA to him and he has understood them and has no questions
at the moment, although he does wish to appeal against his section 2 and has written a note
which is to be typed up.
—————————–Confirmed By CRogers3@, 10/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Now on Section 2: No section 17 leave.
Following assessment, Li has been put on a section 2.
He is not to have any section 17 leave as yet.
—————————–Confirmed By HGarrett@
Title: Li was adamant that whilst he wanted to have help, he didn’t think that he needed to be in
hospital for this.
He does not appear to be Gillick -competent regarding decisions relating to his admission or
It was felt that he needed to be detained for a period of assessment, under a section 2 of the
MHA, to assess the risk he poses to himslef.
—————————-10 May 2012 14:43, Helen Garrett
Event By: Helen Garrett
Social Work Title: Tel call with Karly SW (CIC)
I asked her how she had found Li, when she visited him on the ward on 9th May. She said that it
had been hard for her to see him in a mental health environment, that he had tried to persuade
her that he doesnt need to be here, that his situation is making him want to self harm more, not
less. He is also cross about not having access to a computer.
Karly said that she explained to him that they could not keep him safe in the community, that he
‘had been hurting himself to a grand scale’, that it was not feasible for his foster carers to continue
indefinitely to try and contain him and his SH behaviour.
She reinforced that he is in the right place, that the team are experts and will have ways of
helping him.
She told me that his mum calls him every evening, but that the foster carers havent been in touch
as yet, because they are worried about interfering with the care plan.
I said that I think that it would be helpful for Li to have some degree of contact with his foster
parents and that they could play a valuable role in supporting his recovery, by reinforcing
alternative coping strategies and working with members of the team, as approapriate. Karly said
that she would speak to them, agreed to let her know outcome of MH assessment.
—————————-10 May 2012 12:14, Ragnhild Banton
Event By: Ragnhild Banton