Event By: Ragnhild Banton
Inpatient –
Title:Night shift
Li had a quiet night, he interact and engages well with peers. Join in playing games as well. He
appears to be flat in mood. H e retires to bed at 2130 and was observed to be asleep but he toss
around while asleep.
—————————–Confirmed By OOgunode@,
Inpatient –
Title:Late Shift
Li has been nursed safely on 1:1 observations. He has been walking around the unit quite alot
and has said that he feels a bit hyperactive so spent a little time reading which he said calmed
him down a bit. He has also been “karate chopping” tables and sides with his hands and has said
that when he feels angry he does this. He has complained of feeling anxious all the time about
everything and he is worried of feeling really angry here. He said that he isnt able to talk before he
becomes angry and only able to after so he might think about trying to talk.
He has eaten well and interacted with staff and peers
—————————–Confirmed By [email protected], 09/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Tier 3 informed re MHA assessment tomorrow.
I spoke to Wayne Bennett, service manager and informed him about the MHA assessment
tomorrow. Wayne agreed to let Dr Nairac know.
—————————–Confirmed By [email protected], 09/05/2012
Title: Group Name: News of the Ward
OT Intervention: creative expression3
Li attended this activity for its entire duration and appeared to be of positive mood throughout. Li
interacted well with staff and peers and engaged well in the group activity developing adverts for
the paper including those advertising ward events.
—————————-09 May 2012 11:31, Chris Snipp
Event By: Chris Snipp
Inpatient –
Title:Early Shift/1:1
Li presented as anxious this morning. Although his bedding was dry he had a wet patch on his
pyjamas and some blood marks but it was unclear whether that was old staining.
Li was visited by his Social worker Karly Ratcliffe, he expressed his desire to be discharged and
his conviction that he will never let people know how he is self harming. Li said he uses self harm
to cope with feeling angry and discussed need for him to learn other coping strategies. He
repeatedly asked to be discharged and said he needs his computer. RChapman spoke to Dr
Garrett about this and it was agreed this should not not happen. Karly was clear he needs to stay
as they aren’t able to keep him safe at home. He reported feeling worse and we weren’t helping
but making it worse. Discussed the possibility of a MHA assessment, Li has agreed to stay.
Afterwards he completed the MFQ Scared and Choci with staff.
—————————–Confirmed By [email protected], 09/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Night shift
Li has spokent about feeling ‘paranoid and anxious’ being on 1:1 at night and is hoping to have
this reduced. He has also spoken about wanting to discharge himself. He watched a film with
another YP this evenign and chatted to staff about his hobbies (computers and music). He went to
bed at 2230 and struggled to sleep. He was given PRN respiridone at 00:00