Inpatient –
Title:Night shift
Li appears to be bright in mood interacting and engaging well, he requested for his PRN
risperidone 0.5mg he said he is feeing anxoius and agitated. He retires to bed at 2230 and
appears to have slept through the night
—————————–Confirmed By OOgunode@, 08/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Late shift
Li has been nursed within eyesight of staff, he was asleep at the start of the shift and when he
woke he stated he was bored and wanted to go home so that he could get on a computer. We
spoke about his social life and Li said he saw friends occasionally but did not have them home
but preferred to go to his friends houses, when asked why he said he did not want them around
his computers. Li appeared brighter before dinner this evening and joined in the musical theatre
group. He had second portions of main and dessert at dinner time this evening.
—————————–Confirmed By LKing1@, 07/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Early Shift/1:1
Li has expressed his desire to come off eyesight observations and to discharge himself if this is
not happening. Discussed maybe having some time off eyesight during the day, li said he doesn’t
need that it is night time as being watched makes him ‘anxious and paranoid’ discussed that he
sleeps well regardless of this and perhaps the were other reasons. Li agreed that he wants to self
harm and needs privacy. Discussed his urinary incontinence, Li does not feel it would be helpful
to wake him in the night to use the toilet.
Li explained that his mother’s ex had set a rottweiler on him when he was 9 and this means he is
scared of dogs, he mentioned that there is a dog coming to the unit tomorrow. RChapman
reassured him that the staff will ensure he does not have to go near it if he doesn’t feel able. Li
said he can be near dogs but he has to feel safe with them first.
Li expressed his frustration at not having access to his computer as this helps him cope with his
‘negative thoughts’ these are ‘memories’ and he described sometimes having ;flashbacks when it
is really vivid and I think I’m there’
Li said he would like a 1:1 meeting in private each day to discuss his frustrations and to discuss
managing his emotions. Li said he is good at helping others when they are distressed but
cannot cope with his own. Li stated that seeing other YP distressed is upsetting him as he feels
unable to help them.
Li has been talking to staff and has been slightly more responsive today, he has participated in
gardening activity.
—————————–Confirmed By RChapman@s, 07/05/2012
Title: During 1-1 obs with LH, SW (RC) engaged in conversation with him as he was asking to be
taken off 1-1 as it caused him great anxiety and he would rather not be here. He said he would
prefer to be on other observations and that would make it more bearable for him. He said that
being in here is making him constantly think of his negative thoughts as he can’t distract himself
by playing his computer etc. He said he did not want to face his thoughts and feelings at this time
and was insightful about how he did’nt know if he was ready for this yet and that he felt frightened
to explore these feelings further. He confirmed he had met with psychology recently. On further
discussion SW (RC) asked if this would be a good time to write his ward round request form as he
was being so clear in stating his wants and needs; he agreed to this and completed the form. He
said he felt better for doing this. He was also informed of the advocacy service here should he
wish to use it.
—————————-07 May 2012 10:17, Rebecca Clack
Event By: Rebecca Clack