Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li was in the games room at the start of the shift watching a film with some of his peers, he then
moved to the dining area where he chatted with peers until 23:00. Li initially said that he wasn’t
going to go to sleep and had been talking about wanting to discharge himself tonight. It was
explained that the doctor on call would be unlikely to say that he could go home and would most
likely sya that he needed to wait until his consultant was in on Tuesday. Li was also told that
because of the time that he was asking it would be unlikely that he would be discharged and that
he would be better to speak to the staff in the morning about this. Li initially said that he was not
going to sleep and that he was instead going to stay awake all night but he fell asleep after
reading for a short while. Li was asleep from 23:30 and has slept throughout the night but has
been restless at times. 1:1 eyesight observations continued throughout the shift.
—————————–Confirmed By HNicholson@, 06/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Late Shift
Li has been nursed safely on 1-1 eyesight observations. He has been euthymic in mood, telling
staff he doesn’t want to be on a 1-1, he wants to get out of ‘ here ‘ and he ‘ feels worse than he
ever has done ‘.
Li has interacted with peers and staff this shift and not appeared to isolate himself from others, he
has played table tennis, played a board game following which staff reported he was bright in
Li ‘s foster mother rang at 19.30, Li was overheard telling her he is unhappy at woodland House.
Li has taken a good fluid and diet intake this shift.
—————————–Confirmed By JGraham1@, 05/05/2012
General –
Title:Early Shift
Li has been nursed safely on 1-1 eyesight observations he told staff he had slept much better last
night, he showered before leaving his room to go to the communal area.
Li arrived for breakfast, all meals and snacks taken, good fluid intake . Li has spoken about
wanting to discharge himself, said it is boring here in the hospital, Li was encouraged to play
cards, board games and to watch a film with his peers. He declined all suggestions and appeared
focused on how he can ‘ stop being on a 1-1.’ He said he is taking staff away from others who are
more poorly than he is, staff reassured Li, told him it won’t be forever that he is under assessment
and being on a 1-1 helps us to understand his mood and well being, he appeared to accept the
Li has watched TV and listened to music, he has isolated himself, he sat in the same room as
peers no interactions.
—————————–Confirmed By JGraham1@s, 05/05/2012