Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li remains on eyesight observations, which he expresses his frustrations with. However he has
been pleasant on approach laughing and joking with staff at times, including how he got his
middle names and how he had been knocked out when he got into a fight at school. Li stated he
is worried that he is losing business as a website designer whilst he is in hospital and he is
frustrated by this. He stated that he is NEVER going to disclose his self harming behaviour and
staff are wasting their time keeping him here, he asked if he could have leave so he can use a
computer, explaining to staff the different types of browser. Li went to his room at 23.00, he
apeared asleep at midnight, although he has been restless at times throughout the night.
—————————–Confirmed By RChapman@, 05/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Early & Late shift
Li has been observed to be euthymic in mood during the day. He did not sleep well during the
night and got up at 08:15, showered and came down onto the ward. He did not attend group or
education in the morning. In the afternoon he went on a walk with staff and peers and appeared
to enjoy this. He has eaten well at meal times and has been settled throughout the day. During
the evening he watched a film in the games room with his peers. At one point in the early evening
he asked to go to a quieter room because the ward was very noisy due to another young person
having a period of distress. He was taken to the male lounge and appeared to relax immediately.
Throughout the day Li has engaged well with staff who have been on 1:1 within eyesight
observations with him. He has spoken about how he finds it hard to be on 1:1, especially when
the alarms go off or staff are needed elsewhere and he feels guilty that a member of staff has to
stay with him. When alarms have gone off during the shift he has tried to insist that his 1:1 staff
should respond and that he will come with them if necessary. At these times he has been
reassured that there are plenty of staff to respond and that it is ok to have someone with him (and
other YPs, ensuring their safety). He has also said that he finds it hard to sleep at night with a 1:1,
and that this is due to anxiety caused by someone sitting outside his door.
—————————–Confirmed By CMcKenzie@, 04/05/2012
Title: Group Name: Outing (nature walk)
OT Intervention: Sport and Exercise
Li attended this group for its entire duration and appeared to be of positive mood throughout. Li
interacted well with both staff and peers and engaged very well in the activity, asking questions
about content and taking photos of mushrooms found on the walk.
—————————-04 May 2012 15:58, Chris Snipp
Event By: Chris Snipp
Nursing Title: 1 Session with Li, Li appears visibly anxious and upset, expressed his frustration re:being on
1:1 observation, Li expressed that he will never tell us his secrete(refering to his Self Harm), that it has
been happening for four years and he has not told anyone. Li was reassured that he is not being
asked in this session to divulge his secrete, in an effort to allay is anxiety. C/N (NR) then asked Li
why he Self harmed to which he responded that he does it when he feels angry and this relieves his anger.
NR explored with Li other options he could use to cope when he feels angry, Li said he enjoys
playing computer games, he does not particularly like reading, playing non computer games but
nurse spoke with him about the possibility of using these, as well as listening to music. Li was
receptive to this idea and said he has had no other way of coping when he gets angry. Li looked
through a series of books and chose a Mark Twain written one and was keen to begin reading
this, he was also receptive to the idea of keeping a diary, Li and NR then went to the classroom
where he got a book for this purpose. Nurse then reiterate to Li that its good to have different
tools, and that having these different strategies to cope with anxiety/anger is a good step. Li’s
mood visibly improved, he was asked what he thought triggered his Self Harm to which he responded is
his dad sometimes. Li said he doesnot have a good relationship with his dad who was abusive to
him, his mom and his siblings. Li said his dad also tells people his mom is Redacted by Author “To Protect Family Members Privacy”, which
upsets Li. At the end of this session Li said he is ready to talk to a psychologist, Sarah was informed
—————————-04 May 2012 17:39, Natasha Reid
Event By: Natasha Reid