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From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected] k]
Sent: 29 June 2010 09:02
To: Jackie Simpson
Cc; Jenny Downs
Subject: RE: L Harris DoB: 30/11/1996 – Fixed Term Exclusion & Reported Incident
Importance: High
For the attention of Tony Hamson.
Dear Mr Hamson
I am the case holding social worker for the above mentioned child. Please can I have
detials of the incident that resulted in this decision. I would also like clarification on why he
was excluded two days after the incident.
In addition, following L.H’s LAC Review it was highlighted that there had not been any feedback given to L.H. and his foster carer regarding his complaint about a teacher that had
called him a “retard” on more than one occasions. Ms Downs did verbally state at his PEP
reveiw that the issue had been resolved and the teacher spoken with but L.H. had not been
informed of the until his PEP verbally and to date he has not recieved this outcome in
writing. The L.H.’s Independent Reviewing Officer has requested a copy of this incident
also, which 1 will forward on.
Yours sincerley,
Katrina Moore
Social Worker