Simon From: Jenny Downs Sent: 05 January 2011 14:05 To: Hannah Pearce; Simon Francis Subject: Li Harris ● Hi Happy New Year There is a meeting next week with social services could you please give me some comments on the following Behaviour Attitude Peers Work Homework Concerns Thank you Jenny

From: Simon Francis Sent: 05 January 2011 14:40 To: Jenny Downs Subject: RE: Li Harris Hi Jenny, Li is not working well at all. He has become disinterested in his work and his attitude is appalling when asked to get on. He say he does not understand but is capable of letting the others know what they are doing. His attitude to his peers is also getting worse and at times he has started to look aggressive. Homework is poor but this is also true of others in this group. My concerns would be that Li becomes more aggressive in his stance to both his work and his peers. He is a capable pupil who is not working to his potential at all.