This would be of great concern as Li’s predicated SAT results are less then expected. The interim report provided for today’s meeting gives E for Effort in an subjects and for behaviour. His progress is graded poor, in all subjects except reading where he is graded as satisfactory. ln a couple of areas-handwriting and  maths his SATS levels have gone down since September. In the past he has been cooperative and usually cheerful and helpful on a one to one basis but now often refuses to carry out instructions. Teacher has noted that he seems very sensitive to noise,
yet he himself is a noisy person and when he gets angry or distressed, Will scream in other people’s ears. He has started to rock a new behaviour observed at school and in the foster home.
Teacher also commented on his compulsion to steal and is on a final warning. from the police. This is also very worrying.


Li is sleeping well and no loner takes medication to help him sleep. an referal has been made to the enuresis clinic by the school nurse – mum confirmed that Li has not always bed wet so consistently and at times has had periods of dry nights. it is a concern that a LAC (Looked After Chid) Medical assessment has not been provided as the above changes in behaviour and lack of academic progress needs to be discussed with a community paediatrician as a starting point and possibly other assessments arranged. his hearing needs to be checked. when at home he complained of headaches but this has not been an issue in foster care. Li saw a dentist on the 07/04/08 no treatment needed. he wears glasses and will often chew them.

Emotional wellbeing, identity1 attachments, self esteem

Li’s behaviours at home and school indicate a hrgh level of emotional
placement is short term so consideration would need to be given about hte timing of any intervention.

Contact and family relationship

Li Has regular phone contact with his mother and sees her with his other siblings, Including brother. on a weekly basis after school. Li writes in his consultation “don’t want to see mum when Steve is there. when Steve is not there its a lot quitter because Steve always shouts at everyone even mum” there was some discussions about wheatear a weekly return to a noisy family when there is not a rehabilitation plan was meeting Li’s Needs