Inpatient –
Title:Late shift
Li has been observed to be euthymic in mood throughout much of the afternoon and evening. He
has not engaged in groups or education, choosing instead to spend time with peers in the
communal areas. He has expressed being tired, and in the afternoon asked to go to bed. Staff
explained that this would not be possible due to the unit rules and it being far to early. Li became
distressed, he swore and punched a wooden wall (not particularly hard). Following this he went

and sat on his own at the end of a corridor. Psychologist OS spoke to Li and following this he was
much more settled. He has spent the evening playing on the xbox in the games room with peers,
and has expressed a wish to go to bed after he has had his medication at 20:00. – —————————- Confirmed By CMcKenzie@, 18/05/2012
Title: Following my scheduled session with Li yesterday (Thurs 17/5), Li had chosen to go away
and write about his self harming behaviour, he handed me what he had written before I left that
evening, and I said I would come and seem him tomorrow.

I met with him today and praised him for disclosing something that was very difficult for him to talk
about. We discussed how this level of self harm behaviour is common in people that have
experienced distressing events in their life. Li said he was shocked that I had reacted so kindly,
referring to his feelings of shame and fear of rejection in association with this behaviour.

He agreed, as with any self harm, that the next important step was to think about getting any
wounds or other potential problems looked at by my medical doctors. We agreed how he would like
to take this forward and I have discussed this with Dr Garrett and Dr Rajendraprasad.

This is a very sensitive subject for Li, that not only causes him to feel ashamed and low, but it is
likely to be connected to some distressing experiences. Therefore, I have agreed to keep the
details of his harming behaviour restricted to his immediate care team at Woodland House, for
– ————————— 18 May 2012 17:06, Oliver Sindall

Event By: Oliver Sindall
Inpatient –
Title:early shift.
Li took his medication, had his breakfast and joined in the community meeting but refused to join
the group session. He was visited by the solicitor re:appealing against his section 2 and
afterwards went to education. – —————————- Confirmed By CRogers3@, 18/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li’s bed sheets and his pyjamas were wet this morning. No blood stain obse