Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li presented as subdued and withdrawn, he went to bed around ten. Although restless at times Li
slept until 06.10, tried to sleep after this but was unable to. Li was asked at 07.00 if he would like
to get up but he decided to remain in bed. No indication of self harm or enuresis at time of report. – —————————- Confirmed By RChapman@, 15/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Twilight Shift
Li was in low in mood at the start of this shift. He reported feeling ‘fed up’, and misses his
computer and being engaged in full time education. Later on when his request to use his phone
was declined, his mood dropped lower and he was observed with his head in his arms for a
substantial amount of time. In addition he was observed lightly banging his head and lightly
kicking the wall, however staff dis-attended and this behaviour soon stopped. However when
dinner started, his mood did pick up. He received a phone call later, and he was observed
laughing and joking. He interacted well with staff and peers. He ate adequately.


Li reported his low mood and what was causing him to be low, as detailed above. Staff
emphasised with his frustration. Staff encouraged him to focus on getting better, and encouraged
him to keep himself occupied, as a way to distract himself. Staff also told him to try and not to
take it personally.
– —————————- Confirmed By HLee1@, 14/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Early Shift
Li presented as euthymic in mood this morning/ afternoon. He enjoyed education, where he did
some of his photography work and felt that this was productive. Li attended relaxation group,
where he seemed a little distracted towards the end, but stayed the duration. Li has spent lots of
time writing a “confidential” patent idea in his notepad. Li is chatty when spoken to and interacts
well with staff and peers. Although seeminglyl bright, he does appear to be a bit distracted at
subdued at times. – —————————- Confirmed By LLock@, 14/05/2012
Title: Group Name: Relaxation
OT Intervention: Managing Social/Physical Environment

Li attended this group for its entire duration and appeared to be of positive mood throughout
interacting well with staff and peers. Li engaged well in the group relaxation activity. – ————————— 14 May 2012 12:23, Chris Snipp

Event By: Chris Snipp