28 June 2007
Dear Parent of Li Harris
Notice of Alternative Hours
1 am sorry to report my decision to impose a Notice of Alternative Hours on Li Harris for a period of 1 day.
This means that normal school times are suspended for him and instead he should be brought to school on Tuesday 3’*^ July at 2.55 p.m.
He will be educated until 5.00pm when he should be collected. For the remainder of the day he is your responsibility and not the school’s.
When Li returns home he will have two hours of homework and you are asked to supervise this work to ensure
that it is completed and returned to school the following day.
The reasons for this decision are as follows:-
● Li swore at his teacher, telling him to “fuck off” and said he didn’t “fucking care”, throwing pens and pencil cases etc around the class as he exited the room.
Alternative Hours are in force for 1 day and Li should return to school at the usual time on Wednesday 4’^ July. You are invited to sit in on the school-based sessions if you wish.
Because this is not an exclusion, attendance at school is required under the Education (School Attendance Order) Regulations 1995 and non-attendance may be reported to the Educational Welfare Officer. The
Department of Education and Skills has told us that we may ask your permission to visit your home during the homework time to check on arrangements.
A record has been made of this incident and will be taken into consideration in the case of further unacceptable behaviour.
Yours sincerely
Mrs H Campbell
Assistant Head Teacher